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SMS (Short Message Service) via mobile phone text message consisting of plain text can be sent and received is a feature. Text message alphabet, numbers, and may contain alpha numeric characters. Text messages can be a maximum of 160 characters in length. EMS called advanced messaging technology is also possible to send messages up to 640 characters.
Simultaneously to several mobile or landline phone subscribers can send text messages, suspend, different time slots and pre-programmed calls can send your announcements.

Your messages;
* At the same time be able to reach thousands of people,
* Company s name to appear as the sender,
* Be sent on the date you specify,
* Sending different content to different people in,
* Allows you to receive the report be forwarded?

What is done
* Candles, holidays, Christmas and other special occasions (birthday, wedding anniversary, etc.) to celebrate,
* Announcements of new campaigns and promotions,
* Updating customer contact information,
* In wedding season; full, half and quarter the price of gold to announce to your customers,
*New products, campaigns, inventory and price information and many more of you of the potential target audience is reached within one second.

Mobil Marketing and related infrastructure partners through short message services, SMS services, including our immediate demands can benefit from 24 hours to seven days.