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What is IVR ?

IVR (Interactive Voice Response system) is a system particularly used in Call Centers in which the incoming calls are responded and forwarded to the relevant person or the programme according to a variety of parametric features. It is the abbreviation for Interactive Voice Response
Configuration of IVR upon request is possible with software and hardware. However, it is not possible to install with just software and hardware. In a typical IVR application, offered options are voiced for the one connected to the system, guided for the done or likely transactions during the stay in the system, and finally asked for approval of the user to finalize the transaction.
Main areas of usage are sectors like banking, insurance, municipality, health, education, added-value services where information and call centers are frequently used.
For instance, the system operators in the 444 call centers of the banks and the keying in the programme are a part of the IVR system. More advanced and sophisticated applications can be developed via integrating the IVR with other systems.

Why should I use IVR?

It provides an opportunity to carry out the transactions without a customer representative. Thus it reduces the labor cost
It increases the customer satisfaction
It increases the operational productivity
It carries out the transactions on a secure environment
It provides a detailed reporting about incoming calls and realized transactions
It can serve to multiple customers simultaneously and thus increases the productivity
With its voice recording system, it keeps the communication quality between the operator and customer in high levels and provides an opportunity to correct the shortcomings occurred during the operation
It has a shorter return period for infrastructure transition costs compared to other systems and provides options in budgeting thanks to its alternatives in establishing the infrastructure
Infrastructure and product range which is an outcome of biggest GSM operator of the world, Vodafone s advanced technology and engineering, is a significant factor for us to offer dynamic and economic solutions in our IVR systems.

Is it possible to lease IVR?
The most important one of the alternatives offered by our company is leasing for a specific period without charging an infrastructure fee.
IVR leasing can help you save and consider your budget for software-hardware installation in other areas. Then, with a smaller budget, you can have a full solution for your IVR needs with Mobil Marketing call center and agents as if it is your own business.

Moreover, you have an option to hire your operators in your own business via leasing a partial system.