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Human Resources
We invest in people.

Mobil Marketingin success behind its employees by adopting a strong corporate culture and principles are located and in parallel to this, staff duties in the best way to fulfill the purpose of preparing the general policies outlined below policy is based:
* No distinction between people regardless of their abilities and skills of all employees can use, can develop the professional environment and conditions are provided.
* And today s market conditions are adequate wages and provide additional opportunities.
* Duty to provide employees about their progress and achievement will improve education and training facilities are provided.
* Career plans in the context of a parent deserves the title if they were proven by the criteria of the promotion is done.
* Mutual trust, understanding and communication courses will prepare the ground for new ideas and find solutions to problems.
* Success and to encourage excellence and reward systems are built.
* The first condition of success and the people will adopt the principle that respect for human dignity, human resources and sustainable development of an institution that is believed to be the most valuable factor.