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Mobile Marketing, has a direct focus on new technologies business expertise as a specialty firm, was participated in our structure in 2010. Company employees and management have provided service to various companies as Vas service management, installation and management of equipment and software applications and marketing-based services within their partnerships since 1998.

Since 2000, the same entities that work in our team have implemented its own studies, with bringing a new breath to the sector, showing the success of finding the first place in the sector over the years..
Rapidly improving technology and facilities has led to issuing a live Vas services of Turk Telekom at the beginning of March 2001. Developed Ivr and applications that include advanced technology, interactive online diagram flows were produced for various companies and have significant differences during this period.

Since the mid-year of 2003, GSM operators increase the intensity of Vas services that brought variegation to the sector and our company which continues to provide infrastructure services at Vas services of the Turk Telekom in 2004, has a sister company that leads to similar services to the GSM operators.

Young Mobile Marketing is one of the firms that have the ability to provide some of the Vas services at Call Center environment on the Ivr with large capacity. Our company continues the business together with partners on the production of co-operated Web applications and possessing high call processing capacity of call centers.